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ZXLD1320 Buck mode DC-DC converter for LED driving with 1.5A output and current control Description The ZXLD1320 is an inductive DC-DC converter, with an internal switch, designed for driving single or multiple LEDs in series up to a total of 1.5A output current. Applications cover both commercial and automotive environments with input voltages ranging from 4V to 18V. Depending upon supply voltage and external components, this can provide up to 24W of output power. The device employs a variable ‘on’ and ‘off’ time control scheme with adjustable peak switch current limiting and operates in the step-down (Buck) operating mode, offering higher power efficiency and lower system cost than conventional PFM circuitry. The device includes the DC-DC converter, a high-side current monitor and an NPN switching transistor to provide an integrated solution offering small PCB size, competitive cost/performance, high power efficiency of DC-DC conversion and maximum LED brightness […]

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