AO4484 데이터시트 – N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

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이 전자부품의 정확한 파트넘버 및 부품번호는 AO4484 입니다.

반도체 부품 중의 하나이며, N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor 기능을 가지고 있습니다.

해당 부품의 제조사는 Alpha & Omega Semiconductors 입니다.

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AO4484 N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor General Description The AO4484/L uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(ON) with low gate charge. This is an all purpose device that is suitable for use in a wide range of power conversion applications. AO4484 and AO4484L are electrically identical. -RoHS Compliant -AO4484L is Halogen Free Features VDS (V) = 40V ID = 10A RDS(ON) < 10mΩ RDS(ON) < 12mΩ (VGS = 10V) (VGS = 10V) (VGS = 4.5V) D S S S G D D D D S G SOIC-8 Absolute Maximum Ratings TJ=25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol 10 Sec Steady State Parameter VDS Drain-Source Voltage 40 VGS ±20 Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current A Pulsed Drain Current Avalanche Current G Repetitive avalanche energy L=0.3mH Power Dissipation A G B Units V V TA=25°C TA=70°C ID IDM IAR EAR PD TJ, TSTG TA=25°C TA=70°C 13.5 10.8 120 23 79 3.1 2.0 -55 to 150 10 8 A mJ 1.7 1.1 W °C Junction and Storage Temperature Range Thermal Character [...]

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