Z0607 데이터시트 – 0.8A TRIACS

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이 전자부품의 정확한 파트넘버 및 부품번호는 Z0607 입니다.

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® Z0607 0.8A TRIACS MAIN FEATURES: Symbol V IT(RMS) VDRM/VRRM IGT(Q1) alue 0.8 600 5 Unit A V mA DESCRIPTION The Z0607 is suitable for low power AC switching applications, such as fan speed, small light controllers… Thanks to low gate triggering current, it can be directly driven by microcontrollers. MT 2 G Units:mm MT 1 Main T erminal 1 Gate Main T erminal 2 TO-92 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol IT(RMS) ITSM ItI dI/dt IGM PG(AV) Tstg Tj 2 Parameter RMS on-state current (full sine wave) Non repetitive surge peak on current (full cycle, Tj initial=25 2 Value Unit TI=50 F=50Hz t=20ms F=60Hz t=16.7ms tp=10ms F=120Hz Tj=1 tp=20 sT 10 j=110 Tj=110 20 1 0.1 -40 to +150 -40 to +110 0.8 9 9.5 0.45 A A As A/ A W s 2 -state ) t Value for fusing Critical rate of rise of on-st ate current IG=2*IGT, tr 100ns Peak gate current Average gate power dissipation Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range 1/4 YKKJPD-V2.1 http:// ® Z0607 […]

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