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°¶¸à¹q¤lªÑ¥÷¦³–¤½¥q Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. ` WT751002S PC POWER SUPPLY SUPERVISOR Data Sheet REV. 1.00 November 04, 2005 The information in this document is subject to change without notice. ©Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ·s¦Ë¥«¬ì¾Ç¤u·~¶é°Ï¤u·~ªF¤E¸ô 24¸¹2¼Ó th 2F, No. 24, Industry E. 9 RD., Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan TEL:886-3-5780241 FAX:886-3-5794278.5770419 Email:support@weltrend.com.tw Free Datasheet http:/// WT751002S Rev. 1.00 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The WT751002S provides protection circuits, power good output (PGO), fault protection latch (FPOB), and a protection detector function (PSONB) control. It can minimize external components of switching power supply systems in personal computer. The Over Voltage Detector (OVD) monitors V33, V5 and VCC input voltage level. The Under Voltage Detector (UVD) monitors V33 and V5 input voltage level. When OVD or UVD detect the fau […]

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