VDRH07K385XYE 데이터시트 – High Surge Suppression Varistors

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2381 58. ./VDRH…E Vishay BCcomponents High Surge Suppression Varistors The encapsulation is made of flammable resistant epoxy in accordance with UL94V-0. QUICK REFERENCE DATA PARAMETER VALUE Maximum continuous voltage: RMS 11 to 680 DC 14 to 895 Maximum non-repetitive transient current INRP (8 x 20 µs) 250 to 10 000 Robustness of terminations 10 Drop test: Height of fall 1 Detailed specification based on CECC 42000 Storage temperature – 40 to + 150 Operating temperature – 40 to + 125 UNIT V V A N m °C °C ORDERING INFORMATION The varistors are available in a number of packaging options: • Bulk • On tape on reel • On tape in ammopack The basic ordering code for each option is given in tables titled Varistors on Tape on Reel, Varistors on Tape in Ammopack and Varistors in Bulk. To complete the catalog number and to determine the required operating parameters, see Electrical Data and Ordering Information table. FEATURES • […]

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