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SHINDENGEN General Purpose Rectifiers U8KBA80R 800V 8A APPLICATION Monitor TV Audio equipment Printer SMPS Adapter for notebook PC Power supply for desktop PC OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Case : KB Unit : mm SIL Bridges RATINGS Absolute Maximum Ratings iIf not specified, Tc=25Žj Item Symbol Conditions Storage Temperature Tstg Operating Junction Temperature Maximum Reverse Voltage Average Rectified Forward Current Tj VRM IO 50Hz sine wave, R-load, On glass-epoxy substrate Ta=26Ž 50Hz sine wave, R-load, With heatsink Tc=82Ž Peak Surge Forward Current Current Squared Time IFSM 60Hz sine wave, Non-repetitive 1cycle peak value, Rating of per diode, Tj = 25Ž I2t 1ms…tƒ10ms@Ij=25Ž, Rating of per diode Dielectric Strength Vdis Terminals to case, AC 1 minute Mounting Torque TOR iRecommended torqueF0.5N¥mj Electrical Characteristics iIf not specified, Tc=25Žj Item Symbol Conditions Forward Voltage Reverse Current VF IF=8A, Pulse measurement, Rating of per diode IR VR=800V, Pul […]

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