U642B 데이터시트 – Automotive Wipe/Wash or Interval Switch

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U642B Automotive Wipe/Wash or Interval Switch Description As a convenience feature of the windshield wiper intermittent and wipe/wash operation are implemented in most of the automobiles. The U642B controls all timing functions accurately at a reasonable price level. Interval pause and afterwiping time can be set to fixed values with the help of resistors in a broad time range. Added value can be provided with an individual, continuous adjustment of the interval pause by a potentiometer which may be built into the stalk. For proper operation it is mandatory to feed the signal of the wiper motor‘s park switch into U642B. Features D Interval pause: 4 to 20 s D Afterwiping time: 2 to 20 s D Wiper motor’s park switch D Wipe/wash mode priority D One external capacitor, determines all time sequences D Relay driver with Z-diode D Interference protection according to VDE 0839 or ISO/TR 7637/1 D Load-dump protected Ordering Information Extended Type Number U642B U642B–FP Package DIP8 S […]

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