TSL1401CL 데이터시트 – 128 x 1 LINEAR SENSOR ARRAY

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이 전자부품의 정확한 파트넘버 및 부품번호는 TSL1401CL 입니다.

반도체 부품 중의 하나이며, 128 x 1 LINEAR SENSOR ARRAY 기능을 가지고 있습니다.

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Technical coantmesntAsGtill valid r r D 128 × 1 Sensor-Element Organization D 400 Dots-Per-Inch (DPI) Sensor Pitch D High Linearity and Uniformity D Wide Dynamic Range . . . 4000:1 (72 dB) D Output Referenced to Ground D Low Image Lag . . . 0.5% Typ D Operation to 8 MHz D Single 3-V to 5-V Supply D Rail-to-Rail Output Swing (AO) D No External Load Resistor Required D Replacement for TSL1401R−LF D RoHS Compliant TSL1401CL 128 × 1 LINEAR SENSOR ARRAY WITH HOLD CL PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) TAOS136 − JULY 2011 SI 1 8 NC CLK 2 7 GND AO 3 VDD 4 6 GND 5 NC NC − No internal connection Package Drawing is Not to Scale Description The TSL1401CL linear sensor array consists of a 128 × 1 array of photodiodes, associated charge amplifier circuitry, and an internal pixel data-hold function that provides simultaneous-integration start and stop times for all pixels. The array is made up of 128 pixels, each of which has a photo-sensitive area of 3,524.3 square micrometers. There is 8-μm s […]

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