TS305-10C50 데이터시트 – Thermopile Sensor

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Model TS305-10C50 Thermopile Sensor  Thermopile IR-Sensor  For Contactless Temperature Measurement  Single Element  High Signal  Flat Filter  Accurate Reference Sensor DESCRIPTION Thermopiles are mainly used for contactless temperature measurement in many applications. Their function is to transfer the heat radiation emitted from the objects into a voltage output. FEATURES High Signal Accurate NTC Reference Sensor 5.0µm Long Wave Pass Filter APPLICATIONS Industrial Pyrometers Climate Control Medical ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameter Storage Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Description TS -20 +20 +85 °C permanent TS -20 +20 +100 °C non permanent Model TS305-10C50 Rev7 www.meas-spec.com 1/5 November 04th, 2011 Model TS305-10C50 Thermopile Sensor PERFORMANCE SPECS Parameter Operating Ambient Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Package Absorber Area Thermopile Resistance Temperature Coefficient of Thermopile Resista […]

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