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DC/DC Converter TMA Series Features Single-in-Line Package (SIP) Single and Dual Output Models I/O-Isolation 1‘000 VDC High Efficiency up to 81% Operating Temperature – 40°C to +85°C Pin-compatible with other Manufacturers 100% Burn-in (8 h) 2 Year Product Warranty 1 Watt The TMA series are miniature, isolated 1 W DC/DC-converters in a Single-in-Line package (SIP). Requiring only 1.2 cm2 board space they offer the ideal solution in many space critical applications for board level power distribution. The use of SMD-technology makes it possible to offer a product with high performance at low cost. Models Ordercode TMA 0505S TMA 0512S TMA 0515S TMA 0505D TMA 0512D TMA 0515D TMA 1205S TMA 1212S TMA 1215S TMA 1205D TMA 1212D TMA 1215D TMA 1505S TMA 1512S TMA 1515S TMA 1505D TMA 1512D TMA 1515D TMA 2405S TMA 2412S TMA 2415S TMA 2405D TMA 2412D TMA 2415D Input voltage Output voltage 5 12 15 ± 5 ±12 ±15 5 12 15 ± 5 ±12 ±15 5 12 15 ± 5 ±12 ±15 5 12 15 ± 5 ±12 ±15 VDC VDC VD […]

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