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INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TEA5710; TEA5710T AM/FM radio receiver circuit Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 March 1994 Philips Semiconductors Product specification AM/FM radio receiver circuit FEATURES • Wide supply voltage range: 2.0 to 12 V • Low current consumption: 7.5 mA at AM, 9.0 mA at FM • High selectivity with distributed IF gain • LED driver for tuning indication • High input sensitivity: 1.6 mV/m (AM), 2.0 µV (FM) for 26 dB S/N • Good strong signal behaviour: 10 V/m at AM, 500 mV at FM • Low output distortion: 0.8% at AM, 0.3% at FM • Designed for simple and reliable PC-board layout • High impedance MOSFET input on AM DESCRIPTION APPLICATIONS TEA5710; TEA5710T • Portable AM/FM radio • Clock radio • Personal headphone radio The TEA5710 is a high performance Bimos IC for use in AM/FM radios. All necessary functions are integrated: from AM and FM front-end to detector output stages. QUICK REFERENCE DATA Conditions […]

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