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이 전자부품의 정확한 파트넘버 및 부품번호는 TEA1520 입니다.

반도체 부품 중의 하나이며, STARplug 기능을 가지고 있습니다.

해당 부품의 제조사는 NXP 입니다.

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INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TEA152x family STARplugTM Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC11 2000 Sep 08 Philips Semiconductors Product specification STARplugTM FEATURES • Designed for general purpose supplies up to 50 W • Integrated power switch: – TEA1520: 48 Ω; 650 V – TEA1521: 24 Ω; 650 V – TEA1522: 12 Ω; 650 V – TEA1523: 6.5 Ω; 650 V – TEA1524: 3.4 Ω; 650 V. • Operates from universal AC mains supplies (80 to 276 V) • Adjustable frequency for flexible design • RC oscillator for load insensitive regulation loop constant • Valley switching for minimum switch-on loss (not implemented in TEA152xAJM versions) • Frequency reduction at low power output makes low standby power possible (<100 mW) • Adjustable overcurrent protection • Under voltage protection • Temperature protection • Short circuit winding protection • Simple application with both primary and secondary (opto) feedback • Available in 8-pin DIP, 14-pi [...]

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