TD7590 데이터시트 – 5A 240KHZ 36V PWM Buck DC/DC Converter

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5A 240KHZ 36V PWM Buck DC/DC Converter Datasheet TD7590 General Description The TD7590 is a 240 KHz fixed frequency monolithic step down switch mode regulator with a built in internal Power MOSFET. It achieves 5A continuous output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation. The device includes a voltage reference, oscillation circuit, error amplifier, internal PMOS and etc. The PWM control circuit is able to adjust the duty ratio linearly from 0 to 100%. An enable function, an over current protection function and a short circuit protection function are built inside. An internal compensation block is built in to minimize external component count. The TD7590 serves as ideal power supply units for portable devices. Features  5A Constant Output Current  80mΩ RDSON Switch Internal Power PMOSTFOE2T63-5L  Up to 95% Efficiency  Fixed 240KHz Frequency  Wide 3.6V to 36V Input Voltage Range  Output Adjustable from 1.222V to 34V  Bu […]

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