SI9112DY 데이터시트 – High-Voltage Switchmode Controller

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Si9112 Vishay Siliconix High-Voltage Switchmode Controller FEATURES D 9- to 80-V Input Range D Current-Mode Control D High-Speed, Source-Sink Output Drive D High Efficiency Operation (> 80%) D Internal Start-Up Circuit D Internal Oscillator (1 MHz) D SHUTDOWN and RESET DESCRIPTION The Si9112 is a BiC/DMOS integrated circuit designed for use in high-efficiency switchmode power converters. A high-voltage DMOS input allows this controller to work over a wide range of input voltages (9- to 80-VDC). Current-mode PWM control circuitry is implemented in CMOS to reduce internal power consumption to less than 10 mW. A CMOS output driver provides high-speed switching of MOSPOWER devices large enough to supply 50 W of output power. When combined with an output MOSFET and transformer, the Si9112 can be used to implement single-ended power converter topologies (i.e., flyback, forward, and cuk). The Si9112 is available in both standard and lead (Pb)-free 14-pin plastic DIP and SOIC packages which […]

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