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Si826x 5 KV LED EMULATOR INPUT, 4.0 A ISOLATED GATE DRIVERS Features      Pin-compatible, drop-in upgrades for  popular high speed opto-coupled gate drivers Low power diode emulator simplifies  design-in process 0.6 and 4.0 Amp peak output drive  current  Rail-to-rail output voltage Performance and reliability  advantages vs. opto-drivers  Resistant to temperature and age 10x lower FIT rate for longer  service life 14x tighter part-to-part matching Higher common-mode transient immunity: >50 kV/µs typical Robust protection features Multiple UVLO ordering options (5, 8, and 12 V) with hysteresis 60 ns propagation delay, independent of input drive current Wide VDD range: 5 to 30 V 3.75 and 5 kV reinforced isolation UL, CSA, VDE AEC-Q100 qualified Wide operating temperature range –40 to +125 °C RoHS-compliant packages SOIC-8 (Narrow body) DIP8 (Gull-wing) SDIP6 (Stretched SO-6) LGA8 […]

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