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Si824x CLASS D AUDIO DRIVER Features   WI TH P R E C I S I O N D E AD – T I M E G E N E R A T O R 0.5 A peak output (Si8241)  4.0 A peak output (Si8244)   PWM input   High-precision linear programmable dead-time generator  0.4 ns to 1 µs   High latchup immunity >100 V/ns  Up to 1500 Vrms output-output isolation, supply voltage of ±750 V Input to output isolation for low noise (up to 2500 V) Up to 8 MHz operation Wide operating range –40 to +125 °C Transient immunity >45 kV/µs RoHS-compliant SOIC-16 narrow body Applications  Class D audio amplifiers Ordering Information: See page 25. Description Pin Assignments The Si824x isolated driver family combines two isolated drivers in a single package. The Si8241/44 are high-side/low-side drivers specifically targeted at high-power (>30 W) audio applications. Versions with peak output currents of 0.5 A (Si8241) and 4.0 A (Si8244) are available. All drivers operate with a maxi […]

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