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0.56 Dual Digit Display. Part Number: RL-D5610GDBW RL-D5610YCBW RL-D5620OCAW RL-D5620SBRW RL-D5620RCBW Features 1.LOW POWER CONSUMPTION. Notes: 2.RELIABLE AND RUGGED. 3.EXCELLENT UNIFORMITY OF LIGHT OUTPUT. 1.All dimensions are in millimeters (inches) 4.SUITABLE FOR LEVEL INDICATOR. 2.Tolerance is 0.25(0.01 )unless otherwise niter 5.I.C COMPATIBLE. 3.Lead spacing is measured where the lead emerge package 6.LONG LIFE-SOLIDSTATE RELIABILTY. 4.Speciflcations are subject to change without notice Package Dimensions Internal Circuit Diagram. 18 RL-D5610 PIN NO.1 RL-D5620 Selection Guide, Part NO. RL-D5610GDBW Material GaP Chip Emitted Color p (nm) Yellow Green 570 Typ. 2000 Vf (V) At Max IF=mA Face Color C.C Or CA 3000 20 Black C.C. RL-D5610YCBW GaAsP/GaP Yellow 585 960 1440 20 Black C.C RL-D5620OCAW GaAsP/GaP Orange Red 630 1220 1830 20 Gray C.A. RL-D5620SBRW GaAlAs Super Red 660 2750 4120 20 Red C.A. RL-D5620RCBW GaP/GaP Bight Red […]

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