PS1307 데이터시트 – (PS1004 / PS1307) SMD Power Inductors Shielded

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PS1004 & PS1307 SMD Power Inductors Shielded C/Severo Ochoa 33 – Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. 29590 Campanillas .Málaga (Spain) Phone +34 951 231 320 Fax +34 951 231 321 E-mail: Web 1. Configuration & Dimensions 2. Schematic Diagram 3. Materials a.- Core : Ferrite DR Core b.- Core : Ferrite RI Core c.- Wire : Enamelled copper wire (class F) d.- Plastic : GAP Spacer e.- Terminal : Ag / Ni / Sn f.- Remark : Lead content 200ppm max. include ferrite 4. General Specification a.- Temp. rise : 40ºC typ. b.- Rated current : Base on temp. rise 25% typ. (PS1004) & ∆L/L0A = 10% typ. (PS1307) c.- Storage temp. : -40ºC ~ +125ºC d.- Operating temp. : -40ºC ~ +105ºC e.- Resistance to solder heat : 260ºC. 10 secs 1 SMD Power Inductors PREMO All rights reserved. Passing on of this document, use and communication of contents not permitted without written authorisation. PS1004 & P […]

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