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반도체 부품 중의 하나이며, FLAT-BASE TYPE INSULATED TYPE 기능을 가지고 있습니다.

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MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI SEMICONDUCTOR SEMICONDUCTOR Module> ARY N I M I PREL tion. ang e. ifica h l sp ec ct to c a fina are su bje t o n is its is m h li T e: tric Notice parame So m PS12017-A PS12017-A FLAT-BASE FLAT-BASE TYPE TYPE INSULATED INSULATED TYPE TYPE PS12017-A INTEGRATED FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES • 3-Phase IGBT inverter bridge configured by the latest 3rd. generation IGBT and diode technologies. • Circuit for dynamic braking of motor regenerative energy. • Inverter output current capability Io (Note 1) : Type Name PS12017-A 100% load 7.2A (rms) 150% over load 10.8A (rms), 1min (Note 1) : The inverter output current is assumed to be sinusoidal and the peak current value of each of the above loading cases is defined as : Iop = Io !  √2 INTEGRATED DRIVE, PROTECTION AND SYSTEM CONTROL FUNCTIONS: • For P-Side IGBTs : Drive circuit, High-speed photo-couplers, Short circuit prot […]

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