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PR9853 Low Cost Green-Power PWM Controller With Low EMI Technique Features l Low Cost, PWM&PFM&hiccup mode l Low Start-up Current (about 3μA) l Low Operating Current (about 1.2mA) l Current Mode Operation l VDD Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) l Built-in Synchronized Slope Compensation l Built-in Low EMI Technique l Programmable PWM Frequency l Audio Noise Free Operation l Leading edge Blanking on SEN input l Constant output power limiting in universal AC input Range l SOT-23-6L and DIP-8 Pb-Free Packaging l Good Protection Coverage With Auto Self-Recovery Complete Protection with Ø Soft Clamped GATE output voltage 18.0V Ø VDD over voltage Clamp 34.0V Ø Cycle-by-cycle current limiting Ø Output SCP (Short circuit Protection) Ø Output OLP (Over Load Protection) Ø High-Voltage CMOS Process with ESD Applications l Switching AC/DC Adapter l Battery Charger l Open Frame Switching Power Supply l Standby Power Supplies l Set-Top Box Power Supplies l 384X Replacement General Description […]

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