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Advanced Technical Information MUBW 35-06A6K Converter – Brake – Inverter Module (CBI1) NPT IGBT Three Phase Rectifier V RRM = 1600V IDAVM25 = 130 A I FSM = 320 A Brake Chopper VCES = 600 V IC25 = 25 A VCE(sat) = 2.0 V Three Phase Inverter VCES = 600 V IC25 = 42 A VCE(sat) = 2.3 V Application: AC motor drives with Maximum Ratings 1600 V A A A W • Input from single or three phase grid • Three phase synchronous or asynchronous motor • electric braking operation Features • High level of integration – only one power semiconductor module required for the whole drive • Inverter with NPT IGBTs – low saturation voltage – positive temperature coefficient – fast switching – short tail current • Epitaxial free wheeling diodes with hiperfast and soft reverse recovery • Industry standard package with insulated copper base plate and soldering pins for PCB mounting • Temperature sense included Input Rectifier Bridge D8 – D13 Symbol VRRM IFAV IDAVM IFSM Ptot TC = 80°C; sine 180 […]

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