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이 전자부품의 정확한 파트넘버 및 부품번호는 MT7838 입니다.

반도체 부품 중의 하나이며, BUCK LED Driver 기능을 가지고 있습니다.

해당 부품의 제조사는 Maxic Technology 입니다.

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Maximizing IC Performance MT7838 Non-Isolated, High PFC, BUCK LED Driver DESCRIPTION The MT7838 is a single-stage buck average constant current controller. With MAXIC proprietary control technique, the system with MT7838 can achieve both high current accuracy and power factor correction. MT7838 works in critical conduction mode (CRM) to reduce switching losses. The MT7838 can be powered up directly by the main-line voltage wit hout the need of start-up resistors, achieving an ult ra fast start-up time of less than 100ms. The MT7838 provides various protections, such as over current protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP ), short circuit protection (S CP) and over temperat ure protection (OTP ), etc, to maintain system reliability. FEATURES  Single-stage active power factor correction (PFC > 0.90)  Ultra-fast start-up time (<100mS )  High accurate LE D current  Critical conduction mode (CRM) operation  Up to 60 watt driving capability.  Various protection sc [...]

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