LA8517 데이터시트 – 3A/23V Step-Down DC-DC Converter

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LA8517 300KHz, 3A/23V Step-Down DC-DC Converter General Description LA8517 is a voltage mode, step-down DC-DC converter that is designed to meet 3A output current, and utilizes PWM control scheme that switches with 300KHz fixed frequency. The input voltage range of LA8517 is from 3.6V to 23V, and available in adjustable output voltage from 0.8V to VIN. The supply current is only 3mA during operation and under 1uA in shutdown. This device provides an enable function that can be controlled by external logic signal. It also provides excellent regulation during line or load transient. Other features of current limit, thermal shutdown protection, and short circuit protection are also included. Due to the low RDS(ON) of the internal power MOSFET, this device provides high efficiency step-down applications. It can also operate with a maximum duty cycle of 100% for use in low drop-out conditions. The package is available in standard SOP-8. Features l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Adjustable O […]

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