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Ordering number:ENN857C Monolithic Linear IC LA7806 B/W TV Synchronization, Deflection Circuit 3.0 7.62 3.4 3.65max 6.4 0.25 Overview The LA7806 is a multifunctional integrated circuit which is based on the internal circuit of the LA7800, incorporates various functions required for synchronization and deflection circuits of monochromatic television set, and operates on line voltage or from battery. This IC was so designed as to streamline the set by making the device more compact (DIP-16) and reducing the number of parts. The LA7806 differs from the LA7800 in the following points. • No X-ray protection circuit is used. • The ground pins for horizontal and vertical are provided separately. • No horizontal regulator is used. • Synchronizing separation output is for vertical only. Functions • Synchro separator. • Horizontal AFC. • Vertical driver. • Horizontal oscillator. • Vertical oscillator. • Vertical blanking pulse making. Package Dimensions unit:mm 3006B-DI […]

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