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Ordering number : ENA0317 Monolithic Linear IC LA4224 Overview Audio Output for TV application 1W Monaural Power Amplifier LA4224 is a 1W monaural power amplifier intended for television audio output. This IC requires only two external components (capacitors) to construct amplifiers and is ideal for realizing substantial cost reduction of electronic devices. Functions • 1W monaural power amplifier (VCC = 9V, RL = 8Ω). • Built-in Mute transistor. Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Parameter Maximum supply voltage Collector-to-emitter voltage Emitter-to-collector voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC max VCEO VECO Topr Tstg No signal Voltage between 3pin-6pin of mute transistor Voltage between 6pin-3pin of mute transistor Conditions Ratings 15 15 2 -25 to +75 -40 to +150 Unit V V V °C °C Operating Conditions at Ta=25°C Parameter Recommended supply voltage Recommended load resistance Allowable operating voltage range Symbol VCC RL VCC […]

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