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Optic receiver modules K O D E N S H I KSM-60 ¶w TM2°§KSM-70 ¶w TM2 DIMENSIONS The KSM-60¶wTM2 consist of a PIN Photodiode of high speed and a preamplifier IC in the package as an receiver for Infrared remote control systems NOTE PIN configuration 60 ¶w TM2 70 ¶w TM2 ®Á Vout Vout ®Ë GND Vcc ®È Vcc GND (Unit : mm) FEATURES ¶UOne mold small package ¶U5 Volt supply voltage, low power consumption ¶UShielded against electrical field disturbance ¶UHigh immunity against ambient light ¶UEasy interface with the main board ¶UTTL and CMOS compatibility APPLICATIONS ¶UTV, VTR, Acoustic Devices, Air Conditioners, Car Stereo Units, Computers, Interior controlling appliances, and all appliances that require remote controlling MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameter Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Soldering Temperature (Ta=2° 5… Unless otherwise noted) B.P.F CENTER FREQUENCY Model NO. KSM-¶o¶o1 TM2 KSM-¶o¶o2 TM2 KSM-¶o¶o3 TM2 KSM-¶o¶o4 TM2 KSM-¶o¶o5 […]

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