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www.fairchildsemi.com KA78R05 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Features • • • • • 1A / 5V Output low dropout voltage regulator TO220 Full-Mold package (4PIN) Overcurrent protection, Thermal shutdown Overvoltage protection, Short-Circuit protection With output disable function Description The KA78R05 is a low-dropout voltage regulator suitable for various electronic equipments. It provides constant voltage power source with TO-220 4 lead full mold package. Dropout voltage of KA78R05 is below 0.5V in full rated current(1A). This regulator has various function such as peak current protection, thermal shut down, overvoltage protection and output disable function. TO-220F-4L 1 1. Vin 2. VO 3. GND 4. Vdis Internal Block Diagram Q1 Vin 1 2 Vo THERMAL SHUTDOWN OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION BANDGAP REFERENCE + R1 SOA PROTECTION HIGH / LOW Vdis 4 + OUTPUT ON / OFF R2 1.4V SHORT-CIRCUIT SHORTCIRCUIT PROTECTION 3 GND Rev. 1.0.4 ©2001 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation KA78R05 […]

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