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2SK1306 Silicon N-Channel MOS FET Application High speed power switching Features • • • • Low on-resistance High speed switching Low drive current 4 V gate drive device  Can be driven from 5 V source • Suitable for motor drive, DC-DC converter, power switch and solenoid drive Outline TO-220FM D G 1 2 3 1. Gate 2. Drain 3. Source S 2SK1306 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Item Drain to source voltage Gate to source voltage Drain current Drain peak current Body to drain diode reverse drain current Channel dissipation Channel temperature Storage temperature Notes: 1. PW ≤ 10 µs, duty cycle ≤ 1% 2. Value at TC = 25°C Symbol VDSS VGSS ID I D(pulse)* I DR Pch* Tch Tstg 2 1 Ratings 100 ±20 15 60 15 30 150 –55 to +150 Unit V V A A A W °C °C 2 2SK1306 Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C) Item Drain to source breakdown voltage Gate to source breakdown voltage Gate to source leak current Symbol Min V(BR)DSS V(BR)GSS I GSS 100 ±20 — — 1.0 — — […]

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