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AMOTECH Co., Ltd. Document Type Application Part No. Revision Datasheet Disk Varistor Overvoltage Protection D series 0 DATASHEET Applications · AC/DC Power LINE Overvoltage Protection · Semiconductor / Solenoid / Switch protection · Telecommunication Protection Features · Wide operating voltage (V1mA : 18~1800V ) · Excellent clamp voltage ratio · Fast response time to transient overvoltage · Low stand by power · Low leakage current · Symmetric V-I Characteristics · No derating up to 85℃ ambient temperature 5D/7D/10D/14D/20D D Series AMOTECH Notes The contents of this datasheet are subject to change without notice. Please confirm the specifications and delivery conditions when placing your order. 12 SPECIFICATION Zinc Oxide Varistors INR Construction 1. Description 2. Designation Method of Part Number 3. Application Notes(UL) 4. Type and Shape 5. Electrical Spectification 6. Reliability Testing Procesdures 7. Lead Free Profile 8. Making and Illustration 9. Material […]

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