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Diagonal 6 mm (Type 1/3) CCD Image Sensor for PAL Color Preliminary Preliminary ICX811AKA Description The ICX811AKA is an interline CCD image sensor suitable for PAL color video cameras with a diagonal 6 mm (Type 1/3) system. This chip features a field period readout system and an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time. This chip is suitable for applications such as surveillance cameras. Features  High sensitivity  High saturation signal  High resolution, low dark current  Excellent anti-blooming characteristics  Ye, Cy, Mg, and G complementary color mosaic filters on chip  Continuous variable-speed shutter function  Reset gate: 3.3 V drive  No voltage adjustments (Reset gate and substrate bias need no adjustment.)  Horizontal register: 3.3 V drive PD F w C Limited Limited Package * “Super HAD CCD II” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The “Super HAD CCD II” is a version of Sony’s high performance CCD HAD (HoleAccumulation […]

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