EC3581-D 데이터시트 – 2-in-1 PNP Srial Mouse Controller

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이 전자부품의 정확한 파트넘버 및 부품번호는 EC3581-D 입니다.

반도체 부품 중의 하나이며, 2-in-1 PNP Srial Mouse Controller 기능을 가지고 있습니다.

해당 부품의 제조사는 E-CMOS 입니다.

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E-CMOS CORPORATION EC3581-D VER¡G 1.1 2-IN-1 PnP SERIAL MOUSE CONTROLLER WITH AUTO-REF. FEATURES ¡ERS232C interface. ¡E2-in-1 i.e. Microsoft System or Mouse System. ¡ECMOS technology. ¡ELow power dissipation. ¡ESeven button combinations. ¡EWheel or Optical/Mechanical. ¡E Can work on optical mouse. ¡EWill send out PnP code after rising edge of RTS. ¡E Zener diode built in. ¡E Operating frequency: 32768Hz . ¡E Auto-Reference function GENERAL DESCRIPTION EC3581 is a single chip 2-IN-1 Mouse Controller, designed and fabricated in CMOS ASIC technology. -¸-i¿nÅé¹q¸ôªÑ¥÷¦³–¤½¥q TEL¡G(03)5783622 FAX¡G(03)5783630 Page 1 of 14 DataSheet 4 U .com E-CMOS CORPORATION PAD DESCRIPTIONS PAD NAME I/O EC3581-D VER¡G 1.1 MODE I FUNCTION Mode selection input. If MODE pin is HIGH, EC3581 will operate in Microsoft System mode. If MODE pin is LOW, EC3581 will operate in Mouse System mode. If MODE pin is floating during the P […]

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