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Product Brief BP2 Entry & Basic Platform Infineon’s cost-optimised GSM/GPRS platform BP2 is one of the highest integrated and most complete system solutions available today. It allows customers to develop and market mobile phones in record time. Included are all components needed to build a mobile phone: baseband, RF, power management and cellular RAM ICs, complemented by state of the art protocol stack, the APOXI TM application framework and a fully customizable Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) Infineon’s development environment offers development boards, a comprehensive tool chain and a SDK for the application framework. Customers will also benefit from Infineon’s extensive experience with chipsets and complete customized solutions in the mobile market. The BP2 fulfills all requirements to meet the handset success factors in the entry and basic phone segment: lowest-cost electronic bill-of-material, smallest PCB size area and a hardware independent application and MMI development p […]

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