AD8218 데이터시트 – Bidirectional Current Shunt Monitor

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Data Sheet FEATURES High common-mode voltage range 4 V to 80 V operating −0.3 V to +85 V survival Buffered output voltage Gain = 20 V/V Wide operating temperature range: −40°C to +125°C Excellent ac and dc performance ±100 nV/°C typical offset drift ±50 µV typical offset ±5 ppm/°C typical gain drift 110 dB typical CMRR at dc APPLICATIONS High-side current sensing 48 V telecom Power management Base stations Bidirectional motor control Precision high voltage current sources GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD8218 is a high voltage, high resolution current shunt amplifier. It features a set gain of 20 V/V, with a maximum ±0.35% gain error over the entire temperature range. The buffered output voltage directly interfaces with any typical converter. The AD8218 offers excellent input common-mode rejection from 4 V to 80 V. The AD8218 performs bidirectional current measurements across a shunt resistor in a variety of industrial and telecom applications, including motor control, battery ma […]

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