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2 ADC, 8 DAC, 96 kHz, 24-Bit ⌺-⌬ Codecs AD1835A FEATURES 5 V Stereo Audio System with 3.3 V Tolerant Digital Interface Supports up to 96 kHz Sample Rates 192 kHz Sample Rate Available on 1 DAC Supports 16-/20-/24-Bit Word Lengths Multibit ⌺-⌬ Modulators with Perfect Differential Linearity Restoration for Reduced Idle Tones and Noise Floor Data Directed Scrambling DACs—Least Sensitive to Jitter Differential Output for Optimum Performance ADCs: –95 dB THD + N, 105 dB SNR, and Dynamic Range DACs: –95 dB THD + N, 108 dB SNR, and Dynamic Range On-Chip Volume Controls per Channel with 1024-Step Linear Scale DAC and ADC Software Controllable Clickless Mutes Digital De-emphasis Processing Supports 256 ؋ fS, 512 ؋ fS, and 768 ؋ fS Master Mode Clocks Power-Down Mode Plus Soft Power-Down Mode Flexible Serial Data Port with Right-Justified, LeftJustified, I2S Compatible, and DSP Serial Port Modes TDM Interface Mode Supports 8-In/8-Out Using a Single SHARC® SPORT 52-Lead MQFP Plas […]

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