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Power and control cables Harnessed cables SERVO and power drive systems Servo harnessing according to SIEMENS 6FX 8002- ■ Benefits ▯ Highly flexible servomotor and sensor cables, especially for use in power chains ▯ 100% compatible with Siemens systems ▯ The oil-resistant, PUR sheath enables use particularly in industrial areas ■ Application range ▯ Plant engineering and construction ▯ Servodrives and Servoharnessings ■ Approvals (Norm references) ■ Product Make-up ▯ Design according to Siemens standard 6FX8002. ▯ Outer sheath: PUR 11Y (in accordance with DIN VDE 0250, Part 405) ■ Note ▯ Please comply with the assembly guidelines for cables in power chain systems. ▯ The maximum length of the cables must agree with the manufacturers’ instructions of the servo drives ▯ Afterwards the Technical Data of the used cables ■ Design ▯ Further versions and lengths can be delivered quickly. ■ Technical data Approvals Power ca […]

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