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DS26LS31C/DS26LS31M Quad High Speed Differential Line Driver June 1998 DS26LS31C/DS26LS31M Quad High Speed Differential Line Driver General Description The DS26LS31 is a quad differential line driver designed for digital data transmission over balanced lines. The DS26LS31 meets all the requirements of EIA Standard RS-422 and Federal Standard 1020. It is designed to provide unipolar differential drive to twisted-pair or parallel-wire transmission lines. The circuit provides an enable and disable function common to all four drivers. The DS26LS31 features TRI-STATE ® outputs and logically ANDed complementary outputs. The inputs are all LS compatible and are all one unit load. Features n n n n n n n n n n Output skew — 2.0 ns typical Input to output delay — 10 ns typical Operation from single 5V supply Outputs won’t load line when VCC = 0V Four line drivers in one package for maximum package density Output short-circuit protection Complementary outputs Meets the requirements of E […]

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